Torch 1.8.0 for aarch64

Hello everyone,
I’m looking for torch 1.8.0 (e.g. torch-1.8.0.dev20201126) and torchvision 0.9.0.dev20201126 for cp37-cp37m-linux_aarch64. They were available on the nightly download, but have been replaced at some point.
With the newer version or torch I get a RuntimrError: module compiled against API version 0xe but this version or numpy is 0xd. I tried several versions of numpy, but the error persists. Only torch 1.8.0 was working.
I would prefer the .whl files.
Thanks !
PS: Is there any stable aarch64 version of torch and torchvision ?

I made packages for Raspberry Pi OS (Buster) for a training course in January:
The also contain a somewhat dubious fix to use NNPack for convolutions with batch size one because falling back to THNN convolutions is painfully slow / memory-intensive.

I also have a very recent whl for the Jetson (with CUDA) but didn’t push it to the server yet.

Given that the checkouts are relatively fresh and I needed the additional patch, I didn’t build the 1.8 from the release yet.

Best regards


Dear Thomas,
Thank you very much for your answer. Your torch 1.8.0a0 works perfectly! Not only is gone the RuntimrError, but the output images look as they should (with torch 1.8.0.dev20201126 I was getting periodic vertical strips, which was weird).
Thanks again. Great job!