Torch 2.1.0 with different cuda versions

I’m trying to install torch version 2.1.0 but with cuda 11.7.

I tried this installation: python3.9 -m pip install --no-cache-dir torch --index-url
But strangely, it installs torch 2.1.0+cu121.

On my Pod there is the installation of nvidia 515.65.01+ cudnn, with cuda 11.7, and by installing torch 2.1.0+cu121, torch is no longer able to use the GPU.

Trying to install only torch==2.0.1 instead (python3.9 -m pip install torch==2.0.1), torch works.

Is Torch version 2.1.0 only compatible with Cuda 12.1? Is there a way to use it with cuda 11.7?
Thank you

If you don’t want to update your NVIDIA driver making it compatible with CUDA 12.x, you could install the PyTorch binaries with CUDA 11.8 as given in the install instructions here.

Thanks. Installing torch 2.1.0 with cuda 11.8 seems to work with a cuda 11.7 installation on pod.