Torch equivalent of skimage.transform.PiecewiseAffineTransform()

Hi, all. I am trying to reproduce a random warping algorithm in SketchEdit: Mask-Free Local Image Manipulation with Partial Sketches supplemental. I also would like to apply it as a pre-processing method to train my network.

Original Algorithm: As shown in Figure 1. They randomly sample some control points (blue points in Figure 1 (b)) and construct a triangular mesh using the Delaunay triangulation method. To warp the
modification area, we randomly move the control points by a small amount (∆x, ∆y) and apply the affine transformation on each triangle associated the new location.

My solution with skimage:

image = resize(img, (256,256))

SINCE = time.time()
rows, cols = image.shape[0], image.shape[1]

num_point = 17

#creat original image mesh
src_cols = np.linspace(0, cols, num_point)
src_rows = np.linspace(0, rows, num_point)
src_rows, src_cols = np.meshgrid(src_rows, src_cols)
src = np.dstack([src_cols.flat, src_rows.flat])[0]

#create dst image mesh
dst_rows = np.array(src[:, 1])
dst_cols = np.array(src[:, 0])
#move a point by 9 pixel
dst_rows[6*num_point+9] += -9
dst = np.vstack([dst_cols, dst_rows]).T

#estimate transformation from the given src and dst mesh
tform = PiecewiseAffineTransform()
tform.estimate(src, dst)

out_rows = rows
out_cols = cols

#transform image with the estimated transformation
out = warp(image, tform, output_shape=(out_rows, out_cols))
#processing time

#display image
fig, ax = plt.subplots(1, 2, figsize=(18, 9))
ax[0].plot(tform.inverse(src)[:, 0], tform.inverse(src)[:, 1], '.b')
ax[0].axis((0, out_cols, out_rows, 0))

ax[1].plot(src[:, 0], src[:, 1], '.b')
ax[1].axis((0, out_cols, out_rows, 0))

The result is shown above, the red rectangle highlights the selected point. However, it takes 0.2s to finish the transformation. For a large dataset (~25, 000 images), it will take an extra ~1.4h to process images per epoch, which heavily increase the whole training time. Thus, I wonder if it can be accelerated if it can be processed on GPU. But I can only find some random affine transformations in torchvision.transforms.RandomAffine. Is there any similar function that can transform an image with the given src and dst mesh in pytorch?

Thank you!

Maybe some transformations from kornia.geometry.warp could work.
CC @edgarriba as a kornia core dev.

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Thank you ptrblck! I will try it first!

You might need something like kornia.geometry.transform - Kornia

In any case we’ll check in detail that paper