Torch.hub.load() gives "HTTPError: rate limit exceeded"

Working through the deep insight example here

However, when trying to load this I get “HTTPError: rate limit exceeded”

I did some searching and couldn’t find a solution. There were some mentions of something similar being due to your location here.

Any thoughts?

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FYI - work around is downloading to disk from git and:

torch.hub.load(PATH , ‘squeezenet1_1’, source = ‘local’, pretrained=False, verbose=False)

You can comment this line out to workaround this issue temporarily.

Hi D_L,

Did you get a solution to this problem?

I worked around using the solution I posted above. Thanks for following up!

Hi again,

Thanks for answering. Did you download the code and use it stored on your local machine? That’s it?
Thanks a lot.

Hi D_L,
Thanks for answer.
I managed to run the model by copying the code from github to Collab. I did this after reading your answer.
It is not a definitive solution, but it serves to continue my research.
Thanks a lot.