gets stuck when using DataLoader with num_workers > 0

I’m training a model using DDP on 4 GPUs and 32 vcpus.

I’m using DDP with to do this, while using num_workers =0 the below code runs fine, it train the 3 models one after the other.
but when i run the same with num_workers = 4, the speed increase is 3.3x in the training for model1,
after the training of model1 completes (all the ranks reached the “training complete”), it gets stuck at the mp.spawn() fn and hence it is stuck and no training for model2 starts.

def multi_gpu_training(rank,model_class,mel_spec,world_size,name,path,metric_key,eval_mode,wandb_):
    torch.multiprocessing.set_sharing_strategy('file_system')  # too many files open error
    init_process_group(backend='nccl',rank=rank, world_size=world_size)

    model = load_model(model_class).to(device)
    model = nn.SyncBatchNorm.convert_sync_batchnorm(model)
    model = DDP(model,device_ids=[rank],find_unused_parameters=False)
    train_dataset = Duration_Dataset(train_file,config.f0_file,config.durations_file,config.xvectors_file,mel_spec=mel_spec)
    train_dataset = DataLoader(train_dataset,pin_memory=True,persistent_workers=True,batch_size=config.batch_size,shuffle=False,collate_fn=batch_processing,num_workers=conf$
    test_dataset = None
    if rank == 0:
        test_dataset = Duration_Dataset(val_file,config.f0_file,config.durations_file,config.xvectors_file,mel_spec=mel_spec)
        test_dataset = DataLoader(test_dataset,batch_size=config.batch_size,shuffle=False,collate_fn=batch_processing,sampler=None)

return "training complete"

def multi_gpu_process(model,mel_spec,name,path,metrics_key,eval_mode,wandb_):
    world_size = torch.cuda.device_count()
    print('World Size:',world_size)
    mp.spawn(multi_gpu_training, args=(model,mel_spec,world_size,name,path,metrics_key,eval_mode,wandb_), nprocs=world_size)
    print('out of the spawning')

if __name__=='__main__':


cc @ejguan @nivek for dataloader. Any ideas why num_workers would impact this?

You could also try instead of spawning your own processes in the training script, spawning them outside the script and using torchrun (Elastic Launch) — PyTorch master documentation

Could you please try to explicitly clean up dataloader for training since you are using persistent_worker?

You can do:

it = iter(train_dataset)
del train_dataset
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Thanks for replying so fast!
I have tried it with torchrun, but I’m getting ‘broken pipe error’ after the training of each model.
That’s why I switched to mp.spawn .
But now that I tried with torchrun the stuck error is gone,
I guess it is better to resolve that broken pipe error.

I tried this code earlier didn’t work:
#del train_dataset._iterator

For this code:
it = iter(train_dataset)
del train_dataset
here it said AttributeError: ‘_MultiProcessingDataLoaderIter’ object has no attribute ‘_shutdown_worker’

I read the issues on github it is related to mp.spawn.

but I’ll be using torchrun now so it is resolved.

Do you mind sharing which issue you have seen? I might take a look at the mp.spawn issue.

I meant to say related to threading (num of workers) and not primarily mp.spawn,
apologies for the confusion.

See NeighborLoader with loader worker processes fails on GPU · Issue #5340 · pyg-team/pytorch_geometric · GitHub