Torchaudio import error

Hi, I tried to install torchaudio by using the command “conda install -c derickl torchaudio” from, but when I tried to import torchaudio, the error message in the screenshot popped up. Can someone help to solve this? Thanks in advance!

I ran into an issue like that before. I think upgrading the pytorch version helped but can’t remember exactly

The error message indicates a mismatch between the PyTorch version expected by torchaudio and the one installed.

If possible, following the instructions on the web page would likely work best:

Generally, compiling the auxiliary libraries (torchvision, torchaudio) is much easier and faster than it is PyTorch itself, but I don’t know about mac specifics.

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it looks like the package is unofficial one and they did not declare minimum and maximum pytorch version properly.

@jamarshon is soon uploading official torchaudio packages to conda channel

I have the same problem. Has this been resolved?