doesn't throw error when seeking to time stamp more than the duration of audio file

I am trying to get the audio chunk of audio file between specific start time and end time

Consider a audio of duration 10 seconds. Now i need to get chunk from 4 sec to 7 sec doesn’t give correct num_frames for io.BytesIO flac audio file. So there is no way to find the total number of frames in the given audio to check for out of bounds start offset Ref: [v0.12] reports num_frames=0 for MP3 · Issue #2524 · pytorch/audio · GitHub

What I did to get the chunk of audio with start and end offsets.

def read_audio(audio_file, start, end):
    reader = StreamReader(audio_file)
    sample_rate = int(reader.get_src_stream_info(reader.default_audio_stream).sample_rate) * sample_rate)
    reader.add_basic_audio_stream(frames_per_chunk=(end - start) * sample_rate)

    return list([0].pop()

This is working as intended for start time less than the duration of audio file. But when we give the start time more than the duration of audio file, It doesn’t throw error or return empty tensor. Is there any way to know the given offsets are out of bounds.