TorchConfig.cmake and MS Visual debug / release projects at once


From what I have found so far, it seems not really easy, or even doable at all, to build a standard visual studio project with two configurations Release and Debug, whereas it is a commmon practice for windows projects.

As the FindPackage(Torch) relies on the TorchConfig.cmake and caffe2Target.cmake, the cleanest modifications I see that could allow a standard behavior compliant with cmake workflow, would be to use set_property on each dependency lib target, with IMPORTED_LOCATION_RELEASE
and IMPORTED_LOCATION_DEBUG. This is not a trivial work, and it should be done again for each version if it was done on customer side.

Would it be possible to do the required work for the current version ? It may also mean that the debug version lib for windows may include the release libs to insure a consistant directory tree ?

What do you think about that ?

Thank you for reading