[Torchscript/ONNX]: Howto to expose List Of List Tensors as input during onnx conversions

Hi all and thanks if you read this

I have a special case of transformer where the input of the decoder is a list, and one of the element of the list is a list of 2D Tensors (size of list=batch size) and the ouput is a tuple(List Tensors)
I’m able to convert my model in torchscript via script method and wrap the model
Unfortinately i don’t know howto expose this kind of input/ouput to torch.onnx.export

           (output_encoder,), <----- Ouput Encoder is a list of 2d Tensors (with a dynamic dimentions)
            dynamic_axes={"input": {0: {0: "sequence"}}, "output": {0: "sequence"}}, <---- fail, howto define this use case ?