Torchvision.utils.save_image - Vectorgraphic suitable for Word and PowerPoint available?

Hello together,

I wanted to ask if there is an option so save images with torchvision.utils.save_image using a vectorgraphic filetype that is accepted by Word and PowerPoint.

I know that I can save the images as .eps what is a vectorgraphic, but isn´nt compatible with Word and PP.

On the other hand .svg and .emf are suitable with Word and PP but aren´t supported by torchvision.utils.save_image.

Is there any type of vectorgraphic I missed that is suitable for both sides?

Many thanky in advance!

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torchvision.utils.save_image uses to save the image in these lines of code. Based on this it seems you can pass a format argument, which should be one of the supported PIL formats as seen here.

I`ve seen this also. But using .wmf does’nt work for me, altough it should be supported. I get the following error.

raise OSError("WMF save handler not installed")

This error seems to indicate that the WMF library is missing or that PIL wasn’t installed with it, so you might need to either install dependencies or update PIL etc.