Train neural network with GPU AMD

Hu guys i follow this project in GitHub

GitHub - LearnedVector/A-Hackers-AI-Voice-Assistant: A hackers AI voice assistant, built using Python and PyTorch. based pytorch all’ going ok but when i train neural network i use this Command …
when i train neural network based pytorch i use this Command :

python3 --sample_rate 8000 --epochs 100 --batch_size 32 --eval_batch_size 32 --lr 0.0001 --model_name ./new_wakeword_v0 --save_checkpoint_path neuralnet/checkpoints --train_data_json data/json/train.json --test_data_json data/json/test.json --num_workers 4 --hidden_size 64

I have GPU AMD there is a way to use amd video card …? I install CUDA-toolkit now