Train siamese network for customize dataset (Python3, pytorch)

Hlo there, I’m new to python / pytorch. I have image like:

_folder1/m1_1.jpg folder2/m1_4.jpg _
folder1/m1_2.jpg folder2/m1_5.jpg
folder1/m1_3.jpg folder2/m1_6.jpg
_ _
folder1/m2_1.jpg folder2/m2_4.jpg
folder1/m2_2.jpg folder2/m2_5.jpg
folder1/m2_3.jpg folder2/m2_6.jpg
folder1/m10_1.jpg folder2/m10_4.jpg
folder1/m10_2.jpg folder2/m10_5.jpg
folder1/m10_3.jpg folder2/m10_6.jpg

I’m tring to modify this code.. To train my system, but I don’t have any idea. Plz help me.