Training stops without any error in loss.backward() while using GPU

Trying to use Cuda to train model. Already passed model and input to cuda device:

if use_gpu:;
criterion = nn.CrossEntropyLoss();
optimizer = optim.Adam(, lr=1e-3);
inputs, labels = data;
if use_gpu:
	inputs = inputs.cuda();
	labels = labels.cuda();

But when it executes loss.backward() it immediately crashes without any error.

outputs =;
loss = criterion(outputs, labels);

I am using pytorch version 1.3.1+cu92 with NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060
Already tried to install cuda driver.
Any tips?

Could you try to use CUDA10 with your Turing card, as older CUDA versions might not work properly with your GPU.
Also, you should have received a warning regarding this mismatch, but maybe it was hidden by the crash. :confused:

The problem was in mismatch of CUDA and Pytorch versions. I had Pytorch -v: 1.3.1+cu92.
However, when I tried run training with installed CUDA 9.2 I’ve had the similar problem.
It seems like Turing cards is only supported by CUDA 10.X:

CUDA 10 is the first version of CUDA to support the new NVIDIA Turing architecture

With the latest version of CUDA and Pytorch everything works correctly and most importantly fast!