Training with Geforce Now

Hi everyone,
I don’t have a Nvidia graphic card, but I wonder whether it’s possible to train my Network with Geforce Now(an online cloud gaming service), since Cuda is also powered by Nvidia.

I’ve skimmed through the quick start guide and it looks like you would have to use some kind of app to play your games. I doubt you’ll have an ssh login to install libraries etc.

That being said, I’ve never heard on this service before, so feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.

It doesn’t seemed to be suitable for machine learning, but I found an alternative, that is well suited for machine learning and Pytorch is especially mentioned on their website. It’s called Paperspace and I think it’s good for everyone, who has to do a lot of training and has no Nvidia graphic card. I think I will try it and I will write a report it right here, so you know whether it is worth its money.

I am using Paperspace, it is working well for me. Using their Linux Machine Learning computer.