Trying to build or customize an Unreal importable version of this library?

Hi guys. I’ve written a plugin using Python, C++, and pytorch within Unreal engine. And I’d like to release my npc chat discussion plugin model to the marketplace, but there’s one huge problem. I’m unable to compile the executable with the PyTorch library because of all the doubled names in the subdirectories. Every-time a doubled name appears. I encounter an error within Visual Studio in the form of a json alert telling me there’s duplicate file names. I’m desperately searching for a solution to this. I’m hoping for some suggestions for filtering out the doubled file names, and still retain pytorch’s functionality. But, I don’t know pytorch well enough to understand how to filter out those doubled file names.

Here’s my goal: The administrators of Unreal will only accept a plugin if it includes pytorch as a third party plugin. Therefore, I’ve included an Unreal directory called ‘Thirdparty’ where I put the modules of my software (using raw source code from Github).

Quick suggestion to the PyTorch developers/administrators: I absolutely love your Python module you’ve created to easily enable ai communication. I just have one small request. Can you revise the current release to produce an Unreal Visual Studio third-party compatible version that doesn’t have double file names in sub directories? It would mean the world to me if you guys decided to produce that. Thank you so much for reading and possibly considering my request! :heart: