Tutorial for Hardware Designer

Hi and I’m new to the Glow compiler. In fact, I’m designing an accelerator and I hope to write a Glow backend for it. Is there any good reference or tutorial for me?

Thanks a lot!


I am also interested in this topic.

Hi @Xusine1131 @leejaymin – thanks for your interest! We had a really simple example PR put up ~6 weeks ago to help people get started here. It didn’t land but you can take a look there, as well as a little bit of the discussion there. Hopefully this is a good place to get started, and if you have suggestions or document some of the things that opti-mix mentioned in the comments.

@jfix Thanks for your example! That’s a good reference, and it’s quite neat.
By the way, is there any code for self-defined the Glow Runtime? I think a runtime might be necessary as well. Thanks!

I don’t think we have any examples for building out a bigger runtime other than what you see in the Example backend for implementing an ExampleFunction. In general the runtime tends to be more important for JIT compilation/server uses cases, whereas many open source users care more about ahead of time compilation of a binary. CC: @gcatron

Thanks! I think I have understood the concept of runtime.

i need a tutorial for add external backend that use HMC