TypeError: Unwrapping the module did not yield a `LightningModule`, got <class 'models.resnet.ResNet'> instead

I am using Pytorch-Lightning for finding the optimal LR but it is giving this error

for cycle in range(CYCLES):            
            subset = unlabeled_set[:SUBSET]
            # Model - create new instance for every cycle so that it resets
            with torch.cuda.device(CUDA_VISIBLE_DEVICES):            
                resnet18    = resnet.ResNet18(num_classes=NO_CLASSES).cuda()
            models = resnet18
            torch.backends.cudnn.benchmark = True
            models = torch.nn.DataParallel(models, device_ids=[0])
            # Loss, criterion and scheduler (re)initialization
            criterion      = nn.CrossEntropyLoss(reduction='none')
            #optim_backbone = optim.SGD(models.parameters(), lr=LR, 
            #    momentum=MOMENTUM, weight_decay=WDECAY)
            optim_backbone = optim.SGD(models.parameters(), lr=LR, weight_decay=WDECAY)
            #sched_backbone = lr_scheduler.MultiStepLR(optim_backbone, milestones=MILESTONES)
            optimizers =  optim_backbone
            #schedulers = sched_backbone
            train(models, criterion, optimizers, dataloaders, Epochs) #schedulers,
            acc = test(models, dataloaders, mode='test')
            logger_directory= 'logs/without_auto_lr'
            version_of_log = 1.1 
            logger  = TensorBoardLogger(save_dir=logger_directory,version=version_of_log)
            trainer = pl.Trainer(gpus=1, max_epochs=Epochs, logger=logger, auto_lr_find=False, val_check_interval=0.5)

            lr_finder = trainer.tuner.lr_find(models, dataloaders)
            models.hparams.lr = lr_finder.suggestion()
            print(f'Auto-find model LR: {models.hparams.lr}')

            fig = lr_finder.plot(suggest=True)

If you want to use PyTorch Lightning, you want to write your model as a subclass of pl.LightningModule instead of torch.nn.Module, like here: Train a model (basic) — PyTorch Lightning 1.7.5 documentation .

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