TypeError when passing list of tensors to C++

I am trying to pass a TensorList to a C++ extension, as done for example in torch.nn.utils.rnn.pad_sequence. I am new to extending pytorch and have been following this tutorial.

A very basic function to test if I can pass a list of tensors could be

#include <torch/extension.h>
#include <pybind11/pybind11.h>

bool test_tensorlist(torch::TensorList x) {
  return true

PYBIND11_MODULE(tensorlist, m) {
    m.doc() = "Test how to pass tensor list to C++ extension.";
    m.def("test_tensorlist", &test_tensorlist, "Pass list of tensors (as torch::TensorList).")

Unfortunately, attempting to call this in python results in

TypeError: incompatible function arguments. The following argument types are supported: 
   1. (arg0: c10::ArrayRef<at::Tensor>) -> bool  
Invoked with: [tensor([1]), tensor([2])]

I get the exact same result if I use at::TensorList or c10::ArrayRef<at::Tensor>. Passing a single tensor via torch::Tensor or a list of integers via c10::ArrayRef<int64_t> works like charm, though.

Any ideas what I might be doing wrong?

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