Unable to get cuda 11.3 with torch 1.9.0 working

I need pytorch 1.9.0 and I also want to use my 3080 ti. I’m using anaconda in a new eniviroment, I installed the cuda toolkit, installed cuda 11.3 (didn’t changed the nvidia driver with cuda 12.1), tried serveral versions of pytorch 1.9.0 but I always get cuda version none if I run “torch.version.cuda”. Any idea how to get it solved? Thx for any help, have a nice day.

The PyTorch 1.9.0 binaries were build with CUDA 10.2 and 11.1, whereas your 3080TI would need 11.x.
You could install the pip wheel from here.

well, I tried now again using pip install, I tried it multiple times earlier, it never worked but now it’s working and I get at least cuda 11.1