UnavailableInvalidChannel: The channel is not accessible or is invalid

Hi, I’m trying to install pytorch 1.8.1 from conda by:

conda install -c pytorch pytorch

and it results:

Collecting package metadata (current_repodata.json): failed

UnavailableInvalidChannel: The channel is not accessible or is invalid.
  channel name: pytorch
  channel url: https://conda.anaconda.org/pytorch
  error code: 404

You will need to adjust your conda configuration to proceed.
Use `conda config --show channels` to view your configuration's current state,
and use `conda config --show-sources` to view config file locations.

conda config --show channels results:

  - defaults

conda config --show-sources results nothing

torchaudio is also not installed, but another packages, like librosa, is installed well.
What can I do?

macOS, miniconda 4.10.1.

Are you able to open the channel URL and are you seeing all stored packages or does the URL also yield a 404?
I can install the current binaries (did it a couple of times just a few minutes ago) and can also access the URL.

Yes, i can access to the url via web browsers and can see the packages i want to install.

I’ve just tried to install same things, but on aws ec2 instances (ubuntu18.04, with gpu), all the things works well.

I’ve found it is cause from the conda side.

I thought there were changes in installing pytorch in macOS. thank you.