Understanding DataLoader Iterator

I have a doubt about how batches are selected in some situations.
Let say I defined a data loader with:

train_sampler = SubsetRandomSampler(indeces)
train_loader = torch.utils.data.DataLoader(train_data, batch_size = bs , 
                                                   sampler = train_sampler, num_workers = nw)

1. Dataloader Iterables

If I well understood at this point with Dataloader I wrap an iterable around the Dataset to enable easy access to the samples; in particular due to SubsetRandomSampler every time the iterable is called, the elements of train_sampler are reshuffled and a new sequence of batches is defined.
If I’d have used SequentialSampler to define the sampler, every time I’d get the same sequence:

  1. Have I understood well this?
    2. Iter() and next(): sequence of batches
    Now If I write:
for data,label in train_loader:
    #do stuff

It calls the __iter__() method on the iterable, and then calls __next__() on the returned iterator until it reaches the end of the iterator. It then raises a stopIteration and the loop stops. (see source)

In other words it should be equivalent to:

iterable = iter(train_loader)
    img, lab = next(iterable)

#do stuff

where the line iterable = iter(train_loader) fixes the sequence of batches for the iterable and with next() we call them one by one.

If instead I write:

                img, lab = next(iter(train_loader))
            except StopIteration:
                img, lab = next(iter(train_loader))

By calling iter() each time I create a new list of batches over which iterate time by time taking always only the first element of that and in particular:

  • If I defined a DataLoader by SequentialSampler the sequence of batches will be always the same and so I will pick with img, lab = next(iter(train_loader)) always the same batch

  • If I defined a DataLoader by SubsetRandomSampler the sequence of batches will be reshuffled every time I call img, lab = next(iter(train_loader)) and a new composed batch (in principle with same element chosen multiple times before every one has been selected ) will be picked each time

  1. Have I well understood the next(), iter() mechanism?

3. Nested iteration
If what said above is right I expect that I can define multiple batches’ sequence and scroll over them in parallel, for example:

iterable1 = iter(train_loader)
iterable2 = iter(train_loader)
    img, lab = next(iterable1) #select the first batch of iterable1
    img, lab = next(iterable2) #select the first batch of iterable2

I expect that with ‘iterable1’ and ‘iterable2’ I init 2 different sequence of batches and that img, lab = next(iterable1), img, lab = next(iterable2) will follow independently the 2 iterable

  1. Is it correct?