Unofficial PyTorch Discord Server

Hello, I have made a PyTorch discord server as there didn’t seem to be one.

Why create a Discord server?
Discord is a massively popular platform. There are official servers for many programming languages and tech communities on discord. For instance the Python discord server has over a 100,000 members. Rust, Typescript, and many more languages have servers as well.

Why join a chat server?
Because a live chat is fundamentally different from a forum and serves a very different purpose. It’s more casual, relaxed, and most importantly fast paced.
Most people, if they have a quick question, would probably prefer to ask in it a chatroom and get an answer within a few minutes as opposed to creating a new post on a forum.

Why not slack?
As mentioned before, discord is great for community servers. There are several communities that migrated from slack to discord in the past because slack simply could not support servers with 10k+ members (at least a few years ago).
Discord has a great user interface and it’s easy to quickly browse through several servers.

I only created the server because I couldn’t find one and I really really like discord as a platform. I am happy to give an Admin role to any moderator here, and even to transfer server ownership to the PyTorch team if you want.

A discord server is only useful if there’s lots of people online and active at any given time so let’s see how this experiment goes: