Update a tensor at the intersection of row and column indices

I have a 2D bool tensor mask and I would like to update its values at the intersection of the given row and col indices, like the following:

mask = torch.zeros(5,3, dtype=torch.bool)

rows = torch.tensor([0,2,4]) 
cols = torch.tensor([1,2])

mask[rows, cols] = True

But I receive the following error:

IndexError: shape mismatch: indexing tensors could not be broadcast together with shapes [3], [2]

The desired output is:

tensor([[False, True,  True ],
        [False, False, False],
        [False, True,  True ],
        [False, False, False],
        [False, True,  True ]])

How is that possible in PyTorch?

My question has been answered here: