Update to doc of installing mujoco


I found a cool guideline for installing mujoco from a PyTorch doc Working with MuJoCo-based environments — torchrl main documentation. But I suffered some different problems and found a solution, which was not listed in this doc.

I would like to add a troubleshooting paragraph to the doc, but I could not find the source of the doc. So I post it here.

The problem is that I need to install metaworld RL benchmark which depends on the old mujoco_py stuff. During the compiling, such as calling “import mujoco_py” after “pip install mujoco_py”, some errors will raise:
cannot find -lGL: No such file or directory

My solution is to call “conda install -c anaconda mesa-libgl-devel-cos6-x86_64” which is different from the suggested package “mesa-libgl-cos6-x86_64” in the doc.

I hope my wasted time will help someone get out of this trap.


The source file can be found here.
Would you mind creating an issue in their GitHub repository so that the code owners could take a look at your issue and update the docs if needed?

@ptrblck you took the words right out of my mouth!
The file is fetched and synced from a .md
Glad that you find it useful! Those mujoco issues can be very annoying and it’s great if we can keep them in one place!