Updated example of the dcgan_faces_tutorial.ipynb to be able to run it on the colab

The colab notebook on Pytorch Tutorial was not written for the Google Colab, but it was originally written for ubuntu.
I think it is important to make it able to run for the colab since I know some students that they do not have GPU. But they can run it on colab to use Google’s GPU.
But I fixed it to make it run for the colab.

I have also made it for a pull request

Thank you very much for the contribution!
I will take a look at the PR and make sure it is ready for merge.

Should I also write those !upzip command for the rest of the colab because we may have students that they do not know these command to unzip the file?
Colab do not have unzip right click option. I am currently reading all the colab book one by one.

For the one in above, it says

All checks have failed

One more thing, these is a way to make the colab works easier for the student, which we don’t need to mount the google drive to download that 1GB dataset file to the colab. Do you know that is a place that can upload the 1GB dataset file and be able to down it with ending of .zip file link in high speed. If you can upload that 1GB dataset file to there, the colab will be able to download it like 12Mpbs or more, and we do not need to mount it to the Google drive.