Upgrade torch for windows 10 and CUDA 11

My OS is Windows 10 and I have also CUDA 11 installed. currently, I`m working on torch 1.0.0 with CUDA 10.0 installation.

  1. Can I upgrade my torch version and CUDA version with Pip? Or may I need to remove torch 1.0.0 first?
  2. I saw that there is no installation for CUDA 11, so install for CUDA 10.2 is ok?

Thank you

  1. If you are using virtual environments (e.g. via conda) you can have multiple installations on your system (one per environment)
  2. Since the CUDA11 nightly binaries are not ready yet, you could install the latest PyTorch version with CUDA10.2 from the binaries or try to build from source using your local CUDA11 installation.

Hi @ptrblck
Thank you for your answer. I am working on pycharm IDE, so I need to delete torch 1.0.0 before upgrade to the newest version?
Thank you!

Hi, virtual environments are not part of the IDEs so you can create them using PyCharm. But PyCharm has implemented an GUI for it, so you can do it easily.

Hi @Nikronic
Im using Pycharm without Anaconda, so I need to delete the old version?
Thank you

No, use this doc.