Usage of detach for GAN-based training

Hello all. I am training a model based on GAN for segmentation. For training the above architecture, I have to train two phase: D network and G network. During the train G network, I do not want to update parameters in D network. How should I do it?

The loss of G network likes

loss = loss_G + 0.5 * loss_D
            #Train G      
            pred = netG(images)           
            loss_S = criterionS(pred, targets)           
            D_pred = netG(F.softmax(pred, dim=1))
            loss_D = criterionD(D_pred, targets) 
            loss = loss_S + 0.3 * loss_D

The first solution is

            for param in netD.parameters():
                param.requires_grad = True

The second solution is loss_D = criterionD(D_pred.detach(), targets)

Which is correct?

Take a look at this example -

Basically, only tack steps on your generator optimizer when training the generator.

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Great link. I have a question. In my case my loss in generator is loss = loss_G + 0.5 * loss_D. It means combination between generator loss and discriminator loss but we only update params of generator. How should I do?

Just run optimezerD.step()

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Optimizer_G.step() ? Because we do not update D

Right, sorry about that. Make sure you zero out the gradients before taking another step too.