Use the torch.matmul, or mm , I get the segmentation fault


when use the torch.matmul or mm, the system return the segmentation fault err. Why?

the version of my pytorch is 0.4.0

Try to re-install pytorch in a proper way. Looks like some extension is not compatible.

I try to re-install the pytorch. Nothing is changed. The veision that I installed few month ago works fine . Maybe you can try to re-install in your server.

Mine is up-to-date…

i try the upgrade command on my old machine, the version is 0.4.0, which i installed the pytorch in 2018/06./05 , get the message:


on my new server, i try to uninstall the torch and re-install it, still get the same message:

You may have to dig into the core dump file to find some clues. I guess some of the librarys are not compatible.