UserWarning: This overload of add_ , addcmul_, addcdiv_ is deprecated: errors while implementing SharedAdam


I am new to pytorch and implementing A3C.
For this I have got a code for SharedAdam optimizer which is of pytorch version 0.4 which is producing above error in pytorch 1.6.0

Can someone please help to let me know what should be correct implementations of the functionality of above 3 functions in pytorch 1.6.0

Below is the code for pytorch 0.4

class SharedAdam(optim.Adam):

def __init__(self, params, lr=1e-3, betas=(0.9, 0.999), eps=1e-8,
    super(SharedAdam, self).__init__(params, lr, betas, eps, weight_decay)

    for group in self.param_groups:
        for p in group['params']:
            state = self.state[p]
            state['step'] = torch.zeros(1)
            state['exp_avg'] =
            state['exp_avg_sq'] =

def share_memory(self):
    for group in self.param_groups:
        for p in group['params']:
            state = self.state[p]

def step(self, closure=None):
    """Performs a single optimization step.
        closure (callable, optional): A closure that reevaluates the model
            and returns the loss.
    loss = None
    if closure is not None:
        loss = closure()

    for group in self.param_groups:
        for p in group['params']:
            if p.grad is None:
            grad =
            state = self.state[p]

            exp_avg, exp_avg_sq = state['exp_avg'], state['exp_avg_sq']
            beta1, beta2 = group['betas']

            state['step'] += 1

            if group['weight_decay'] != 0:
                grad = grad.add(group['weight_decay'],

            # Decay the first and second moment running average coefficient
            exp_avg.mul_(beta1).add_(1 - beta1, grad)
            exp_avg_sq.mul_(beta2).addcmul_(1 - beta2, grad, grad)

            denom = exp_avg_sq.sqrt().add_(group['eps'])

            bias_correction1 = 1 - beta1 ** state['step'][0]
            bias_correction2 = 1 - beta2 ** state['step'][0]
            step_size = group['lr'] * math.sqrt(bias_correction2) / bias_correction1

  , exp_avg, denom)

    return loss

Is this the correct implementation-

            exp_avg.mul_(beta1).add_(grad, alpha = 1 - beta1)
            exp_avg_sq.mul_(beta2).addcmul_(grad, grad, value = 1 - beta2)

  , denom, value = -step_size)

It seems you are calling the mentioned method as:

add_(Number alpha, Tensor other)

which is deprecated and should be changed to:

add_(Tensor other, *, Number alpha)

so in your case, you could use

exp_avg.mul_(beta1).add_(grad, alpha=1 - beta1)

what does that mean? What does the star mean?

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I’m still getting an issue:

/Users/miranda9/RAdam/radam/ UserWarning: This overload of add_ is deprecated:
	add_(Number alpha, Tensor other)
Consider using one of the following signatures instead:
	add_(Tensor other, *, Number alpha) (Triggered internally at  /Users/distiller/project/conda/conda-bld/pytorch_1623459065530/work/torch/csrc/utils/python_arg_parser.cpp:1025.)
  exp_avg.mul_(beta1).add_(1 - beta1, grad)

see my attempts:

                # exp_avg_sq.mul_(beta2).addcmul_(1 - beta2, grad, grad)
                # exp_avg_sq.mul_(beta2).addcmul_(grad, grad, 1 - beta2)
                # exp_avg_sq.mul_(beta2).addcmul_(grad, 1 - beta2)
                exp_avg_sq.mul_(beta2).addcmul_(grad, torch.tensor(1 - beta2, device=grad.device))

Hi, did you figure out how to convert from the old usage to the new usage. I don’t understand the solutions posed in the links. If you have it would be great if you could post the updated code to the code that was failing above. TY.


exp_avg_sq.mul_(beta2).addcmul_(grad, grad, value=1-beta2)

Seems to work…