Using ConcatDataset slows down training by 10

Hi everyone,

I’m using a custom Dataset, which loads data from a single h5. This runs fast and works well with num_workers=6.

However, I have 20 files I would like to load from, so I created 20 datasets and tried to use the mentioned dataset by creating a

Surprisingly, this runs extremely slow. As it turns out, 87% of the time is spent waiting.

Things I thought and tried:

  • After looking this up, I saw a suggestion to use pin_memory=False. This did not help to speed up anything. The suggestion is found here: DataLoader: method 'acquire' of '_thread.lock' objects - #2 by bask0
  • I can’t use the, since my dataset is not iterable.
  • Looking for a solution, I came across the DistributedSampler. I thought this would maybe enable different workers to work with different subsets of the data, obviating the need to access the same object (a guess of mine). Looking this up, I saw only mentions of multi-nodes/multi-gpus training, which I’m not searching for. — PyTorch 1.7.0 documentation

Does anyone know how to approach this?
Thanks in advance!

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+1. Same issue here. Training performance varies for each batch, some batches are loaded very quickly, some take an unacceptable amount of time.

Have 3000 .npy files with multiple samples in each. Unable to find a scalable solution for building a map-style dataset when samples are distributed across multiple files on disk.