Using Pretrained Swin v2 model

I tried following code to import swin v2 small :

I got following error:

I tried same approach for swin_s, which works out of the box. But when I am trying for swin_v2_s I get above error.

SwinV2 was adde ~2 months ago in this PR so you might need to update to a recent nightly binary in order to use it.

I installed nightly version using: pip3 install --pre torch torchvision torchaudio, which was listed here but still got the same error.
Could you please suggest any specific nightly binary version?

It works for me with the latest nightly:

>>> import torch
>>> import torchvision
>>> torch.__version__
>>> torchvision.__version__
>>> torchvision.models.swin_
torchvision.models.swin_b(           torchvision.models.swin_transformer  torchvision.models.swin_v2_t(
torchvision.models.swin_s(           torchvision.models.swin_v2_b(        
torchvision.models.swin_t(           torchvision.models.swin_v2_s(        
>>> torchvision.models.swin_v2_s
<function swin_v2_s at 0x7f3274c30160>
>>> model = torchvision.models.swin_v2_s()
>>> model
  (features): Sequential(
    (0): Sequential(
      (0): Conv2d(3, 96, kernel_size=(4, 4), stride=(4, 4))
      (1): Permute()
      (2): LayerNorm((96,), eps=1e-05, elementwise_affine=True)

Thank you very much @ptrblck . Now, its also working for me.