Using pretrained vgg16 on image fails with error (RuntimeError: expected 3D tensor)

So I am trying to use a vgg16 for simple image classification. So I converted PIL image to tensor, then to variable and passed to model but still get “not 3d tensor error”. What could be the problem?

edit: nevermind, image was 3d but to forward it you need to pass it as 4d tensor

def transform_image(pil_image):
loader = transforms.Compose([
transforms.Scale(imsize), # scale imported image
transforms.ToTensor()]) # transform it into a torch tensor
return loader(pil_image)

def load_model():
return models.vgg16(pretrained=True) # todo load finetunned model only for hotdogs

def get_label(path):
one_image = load_image(path)
image_tensor = transform_image(one_image)
image_as_variable = Variable(image_tensor)
model = load_model()
label = model.forward(image_as_variable)
return label

def load_image(path):