Using Pytorch on Mac without CUDA

I have an early 2015 macbook pro with a Intel Iris Graphics 6100 1536 MB graphics card, which doesn’t support CUDA to my knowledge.

Are there other options that would allow me to run Pytorch with GPU support?

CUDA is NVIDIA’s proprietary GPGPU language and environment, so it needs NVIDIA’a card and won’t run on other manufacturers’ cards. So it leaves us with the following options:

  1. Learn to use OpenCL, which is open-source and can run on any platform. Here is OpenCL™ Developer Guide for Intel® Processor Graphics. More links for other cards are available in this answer.
  2. Use eGPU - external GPU unit. See some possible options here, for instance or google for more.
  3. Use any cloud services with GPU support. Check this list: Cloud GPU Vendors

Hope this helps a bit.

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Thanks! Do you know of any good references for Pytorch with OpenCL?

PyTorch devs told that they have no plans to support OpenCL, but there is one enthusiast, who builds it himself :slight_smile:

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