ValueError: batch_size should be a positive integer value

Any idea what is causing this error message

“ValueError: batch_size should be a positive integer value, but got batch_size=Compose(

from torchvision import datasets
from import DataLoader
from torchvision import transforms
from dataset2 import CellsDataset
from torchvision import datasets
import torch
import torchvision
import torchvision.transforms as transforms

class ImageFolderWithPaths(datasets.ImageFolder):
    """Custom dataset that includes image file paths. Extends

# override the __getitem__ method. this is the method that dataloader calls
def __getitem__(self, index):
    # this is what ImageFolder normally returns 
    original_tuple = super(ImageFolderWithPaths, self).__getitem__(index)
    # the image file path
    path = self.imgs[index][0]
    # make a new tuple that includes original and the path
    tuple_with_path = (original_tuple + (path,))
    return tuple_with_path

# instantiate the dataset and dataloader
data_dir = "/Users/nubstech/Documents/GitHub/CellCountingDirectCount/Eddata/Healthy_curated"
dataset = ImageFolderWithPaths(data_dir) # our custom dataset
dataloader = DataLoader(dataset)
dataset = DataLoader(data_dir, transforms.Compose([transforms.ToTensor()]))

# iterate over data
for inputs, labels, paths in dataloader:
    # use the above variables freely
   print(inputs, labels, paths)

You are setting transforms into batch_size. DataLoader does not accept transforms, you need to apply it on Dataset.

dataset = ImageFolderWithPaths(data_dir, transform=transforms.Compose([transforms.ToTensor()]))
dataloader = DataLoader(dataset, batch_size=16)

Or I think you mistyped Dataloader with ImageFolderWithPaths in the last line. As a Dataloader does not accept a data direction or transform which on the otherside, your custom dataset does.

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