Virtual env picking up global pytorch version in Jetson

Hi, I have a NVIDIA Orin that has a global pytorch version = 1.12.0a0+02fb0b0f.nv22.06 installed. Jetpack version of Orin = 5.0.1.
I wanted to install PyTorch v1.13.0 in a venv. So, I created a venv and installed pytorch by using v1.13.0 from this link;

But, after installing and trying torch.__version__, somehow the venv is picking up the global v1.12.0 of pytorch instead of picking up v1.13.0.

The pip3 and python3 point to the venv site-packages and running pip3 list also lists the local venv modules. So, not sure why it’s picking up the global version ?

I have tried deactivating and reinstalling venv multiple times and with different versions of python as well !


Screenshots :

Checking pip3 torch module :

Checking which pip3 is picked up :

Checking which python3 is picked up :

Listing the modules of pip3 has pytorch v1.13.0 installed :


pytorch picks up global v1.12.0 not sure why ?