Visdom install error

i already installed visdom, but when i run the file. errors brought out!

can you explain what wrong with this?

Did you start the visdom server in a terminal?

terminal?? in anaconda prompt??

how can i use that?

Try to type visdom in this terminal.
If that’s not working, try python -m visdom.server to start the server.
After the server was started, your Python script should be able to connect to it.

i typed visdom

can i upload file on forum?

The visdom server started, so you can now go to localhost:8097 and see a the visdom interface.
Try to run your Python script again and plot something using viz. It should occur immediately on the visdom website.

Which file do you want to upload?

the file which has error on my computer.

As far as I can see, the error is thrown in this line:

viz = Visdom()

Do you still get this error after starting the vidsom server in the Anaconda Prompt?