Vulkan workflow

I was able to build pytorch with USE_VULKAN=1 and go through the workflow for generating a Vulkan backend model.

I copied my aar files to my android project:

implementation files('pytorch_android-release.aar')
implementation files('pytorch_android_torchvision-release.aar')

2nd step, run on Android, I’m getting the error

java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: dlopen failed: library “” not found

Some of the other posts with this error suggest using LiteModuleLoader but that doesn’t seem quite the right solution to me for the Vulkan backend… or is it?

For desktop python support w/ Vulkan I gathered I needed to build PyTorch. Is this the same for the Android libraries? Or can I use the prebuilt implementation from Gradle dependencies instead of building the aar files?