Warning when using RPC

I’m following this tutorial for RPC in PyTorch.
The problem is that running that code I get the following warning:

/opt/anaconda/anaconda3/envs/dl-gym/lib/python3.10/site-packages/torch/distributed/distributed_c10d.py:653: UserWarning: You are using a Backend <class ‘torch.distributed.distributed_c10d.ProcessGroupGloo’> as a ProcessGroup. This usage is deprecated since PyTorch 2.0. Please use a public API of PyTorch Distributed instead.

How can I get rid of that warning?

By the way, I saw that that code is running using the CPU. Since I have 4 GPUs I would like them instead of the CPU. Is there any API to change the backend to “nccl” and using the GPUs?


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Unfortunately, torch RPC is in a stale situation and mostly unmaintained.
Using RPC with GPUs is currently broken.
Feel free to upvote / comment on this issue to make yourself heard!