WARNING:root:Torch AMP is not available on this platform

I ran into WARNING:root:Torch AMP is not available on this platform consistently when running SlowFast on 8 V100s. And I’m not even enabling amp. Any idea where this warning comes from?

I haven’t seen this warning before and searching for it yields a result in fairseq. The warning “namespace” also doesn’t seem to be created in PyTorch. Are you using fairseq or another library depending on PyTorch, which might raise this warning?

I’ve found the source of the warning using trace and it turned out to be fairscale. I will look into it to find out why import failed, thanks a lot!

Met the same problem. Did you find out why?

Not really, it turns out I don’t need fairscale at all so I simply uninstall it and everything works well.

My torch version is 1.8.1 and I met the same issue when using FairScale 0.4.4. The issue was fixed by rolling back to an old version of FairScale, e.g., 0.4.1.

Thanks for this hint. Met the same problem and rolling back to 1.4.5+0.4.1 works.