WebUI Forge will not run at all on Cuda8 GPU But Automatic 1111 will run with Pytorch

Hello i’m very new and i have learning probs (i can’t spell well sorry)
I want to use the new WebUI Forge for Stabile Diffusion On my laptop
Whitch is An (Medion) Erazer x7849 with a GTX 1070

It will not run i’ve tryed every downgrade and code on the web (well most of them)
It pulls a Pytorch that does not work whitch is Cuda12 and have Cuda8 Accorden to Nvidia and Google
so here is my main question Does the latest Pytorch Support Cuda8 GPUs At all

sadly they’ve stopped making drivers my grathics card I have the latest one
also i’ve tryed this on my Windows 8.1 And 10 installations (i don’t have 11 sorry)

so please if you know what to do please help me
i’m thinking of buying A rig With RTX 3060 in it but i would like to use my Erazer For now
I mainy want this web UI becouse it’s good with low ram and it has Video Diffusion

thanks in advance

There are no “CUDA 8 GPUs”, as each GPU belongs to a specific GPU architecture family and uses the corresponding compute capability. Your GTX 1070 uses the Pascal architecture and the compute capability 6.1.
All currently released PyTorch binaries support this GPU and you might want to make sure PyTorch is working before trying to install a 3rd party library.
To do so, create a new and empty virtual environment and install the latest binary following these instructions.
Once this is done, run a quick smoke test e.g. by creating a single CUDATensor via torch.randn(1).cuda() and make sure your setup is able to perform this operation.

thanks for your help
however i do not know quite what you mean
so i’ve provided my script
do you think it’s the fualt of Web ui Forge?
this is done after a fresh install

this is from the web-ui statup script