WGAN Discriminator Implementation Error

A/C to me, My code is totally correct but I got an NotImplementedError. i try different to fix it by changing some layers, reviewing my times the same code.
I am not expert in Pytorch but my concept is totally right about the connection. But still i don,t know how to fix it. Anyone help me

code link:- https://drive.google.com/open?id=16H3oOmubok1auXVPrbiYNpuM1kZTucmK

please help me ,it’s very important and necessary to complete the project

Your indentation is wrong, so the def discriminator(…) is local to __init__ rather than in the discriminator class.
Some of the code sources might not be quite au courant (like using Variable…).

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thank you sir… it solve my problem effectively

sir what is the concept of weight sharing in discriminator in FMGAN