What do you think about Pytorch?

Hi there!

My name is Michael, I’m from spain so forgive me if i write in wrong way.
One year ago i startted to learn about machine learning science and it’s an amazing and interesting world for me.

I began with keras, and now i would like go deeper.

I have pytorch in mind but is really hard to find complete courses (even more certifications) in pytorch. I know about Fastai but i prefer start with pytorch beofre. Also i have been doing the official documentation but what i am looking for is something like a scheduled guide. For instance this can be easy found in coursera if i search by tensorflow.

In other hand, i can find great project of OCR and other advanced techniques that make me ask, how they got that skills? and how can i to achieve that level?it’s hard find good and complete pytorch training online by facebook or others.

Why this is it? Do you think tensorf flow is better than pytorch? do you think pytorch will be leaved by facebook?

I hope someone can lead me, greetings
PDT: i am really interesting in NLP
PDT2: i have a strong academic background in software by the University.

Hi Michael,

Facebook created a Udacity course here, which might be a good starter. I haven’t had a chance to look into it, but maybe @smth could give you some more information as he’s an instructor in the course (and one of the main authors of PyTorch :wink: ).

My personal point of view is to chose an interesting project and just start building it using PyTorch.
If you get stuck at some point, you are more than welcome to post your issues here in this discussion board and you’ll find a lot of experts helping you out.


Thank you, i have been doing the free course and it’s really well explained.
is Python actually been upgraded? Torch isnt and pytorch depend of torch, this worry me., I dont would like learn something whitch can dead in the future @smth @ptrblck

PyTorch did share some common code base with Torch7 in the past, but is now independent and under active development.
If you have a look at the github repo, you’ll see that we have a lot of commits daily into the master branch. :wink: