What is .backward() calculating?


I met a problem when using backward() to do backpropagation. The something strange came.

I define a simple network with only 1 linear layer nn.Linear(3,1) and used load_state_dict to set the weights to be [1,1,1] and bias [0].

Then I passed

x = net(torch.tensor([1,2,3],dtype=torch.float))
L = x

Then I used optim.step() to update the weights and found that all weights changed by 0.01 (my learning rate). Should not the weights get updated differently? I got confused…

Here is a screen shot:

I guess you are observing the adaptive learning rates for different parameters of optim.Adam.
Try to use a simpler optimizer like optim.SGD and run it again.

Thank you very much! I guess I should check the details of Adam instead!

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