What is TemporalSubSampling in PyTorch?

Hi there,

Is torch’s (not PyTorch) TemporalSubSampling, simply equivalent to PyTorch’s Conv1d?

Applies a 1D sub-sampling over an input sequence composed of nInputFrame frames. The input tensor in forward(input) is expected to be a 2D tensor (nInputFrame x inputFrameSize ). The output frame size will be the same as the input one (inputFrameSize ).

The output value of the layer can be precisely described as:

output[t][i] = bias[i] + weight[i] * sum_{k=1}^kW input[dW*(t-1)+k][i]

See TemporalSubSampling’s Lua code here.

But they have TemporalConvolution, from the description it looks more like PyTorch’s Conv1d, so I’m confuse what is TemporalSubSampling in PyTorch.