What is the practical difference between pytorch_android and pytorch_android_lite

I’ve been using pytorch for quite some time now and want to use it on an android device. But I’m confused by the pytorch_android and pytorch_android_lite versions.

I created a model, built an application to do inference and used both pytorch_android and pytorch_android_lite (and the respective torchvision). I could not find any real difference except for loading the Module. And the official documentation is listing pytorch_android 1.9.0 with a mix ob lite and normal.

Could someone please clear up what the practical difference is and in which case one should use which version?


pytorch_android_lite is a more efficient and smaller interpreter on mobile, see (beta) Efficient mobile interpreter in Android and iOS — PyTorch Tutorials 1.12.0+cu102 documentation. pytorch_android_lite will be preferred for Android.