What's the behavior of BCEWithLogitsLoss for multi-label data


I have a noob question about the behavior of BCEWithLogitsLoss. I tested its loss with some data


My understanding is that the loss between 0.999(x) and 1(y) should be 0.3135 and loss between 0.999(x) and 0(y) 1.3125. Thats the case when target and output are of size(1, #sample), which is binary classification. However, when I reshape the data to size(#size, #class) to simulate multi-label, the loss is different (0.3143, 0.6931).

So how will BCEWithLogitsLoss calculate loss for multilabel. My understanding for the doc is they should be the same. Thank you!

You are passing the output and target in the wrong order in your second example.
Pass the output first, then the target, and you’ll get the same result. :wink:

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Thank you! I feel bad for myself lol