When could Pytorch give a windows version?

When could Pytorch give a windows version?

I find one one github, but I’m not sure whether it’s stable or not.

Since I’m taking a deep learning course this semester, I don’t want to use Tensorflow anymore but I need to make sure Pytorch works no problem on Windows…


Many thanks!

See https://github.com/pytorch/pytorch/issues/494#issuecomment-304439658 and https://github.com/pytorch/pytorch/issues/3649#issuecomment-344280941 for more details. Windows support is planned for 0.4.0.

I’m not sure how stable it is right now, so if you’re using it for something critical for a class and don’t want it to crash I’d recommend just dual-booting into Linux or grabbing a Linux box somewhere.


Hi Richard,

I just notice that I failed to publish my reply to it when you replied to me.

Now pytorch 0.4 is released and I’m learning it to implement my model.

Thank you very much!