When PyTorch supports CUDA 10.1?


From NVIDIA,It seems that the CUDA 10.1’s performance has a significant improvement over CUDA 10, When pytorch supports CUDA 10.1 ?

(Alban D) #2


I am pretty sure you can compile from source for CUDA 10.1 with no problem. Let us know here if you have any issue with it.
Building binaries for all cuda versions is a bit complex as they are so many of them, that is why there is only a few of them supported as binaries.


Got it! Thank you very much!

(Serkan K) #4

I actually have the same question and wanted to clear something out. The documentation mentions that we have to run the following command to install dependencies conda install -c pytorch magma-cuda92

Should we run this with magma-cuda10, since magma-cuda101 is not available?

(Zhanwen "Phil" Chen) #5

I have verified that one cannot build PyTorch with CUDA 10.1, after a few rigorous attempts. The main reason is that MAGMA does not support 10.1 yet.