Where can I find document for "accessors"?

Hi! I am learning the detail of this tutorial: Custom C++ and CUDA Extensions — PyTorch Tutorials 1.11.0+cu102 documentation
Which describes a concept of “accessors”, using this keyword, nothing shown on pytorch docs, but I find this document of pytorch using google: Tensor Basics — PyTorch master documentation
Much more detailed! But again a sentence shows:

“Note that the template can hold other parameters such as the pointer restriction and the integer type for indexing. See documentation for a thorough template description of accessors and packed accessors .”

So I am interested in finding the documents of “accessors”, but this time, I really can not find anything… I guess there should be somethin? Not sure how to find this documents…

(Haha, maybe just no documents of this… Just wonder maybe I am using wrong method to find docs)

Unsure how helpful it is, but maybe the comments in the source code might help here.