Where is pretrained GoogLeNet model

Hey, I want to ask if anybody has the GoogLeNet model (trained on ImageNet)
I’m trying to reproduce some deep metric learning result and all papers use GoogLeNet, so for fair comparison and analysis…

Training the network myself or even converting it from tensorflow is too much work :frowning:

This repo has all of the GoogleNet models available in pytorch format:

The default torchvision package has inceptionV3 pre-trained as well http://pytorch.org/docs/master/torchvision/models.html

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Thanks Soumith
They have all later versions of Inception, not the original GoogLeNet though

oh, i think we could never reproduce original googlenet. i tried this a couple of years ago.

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I see.
The one that people have used is Caffe BVLC GoogleNet (somewhat close to what’s reported in the paper).
I’m gonna stick with playing with VGG then

Can we have the pretrained pytorch model for Caffe BVLC GoogleNet please. Thank you very much for your support